Project Description

HeKDisco proposes a novel knowledge discovery process in health care systems that will provide physicians with reliable evidence on various treatment stages and clinical events, thereby reducing individual clinical errors. HeKDisco, following evidence-based medicine (EBM), aims to use the best (reliable) evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients so that clinician’s experience, patient’s values and preferences, and the best empirical clinical guidelines are integrated. HeKDisco aims to transfer big health data from volume-based to value-based by generating a relational knowledge base that can lead to innovative treatments, predict therapeutic outcomes, and early diagnosis.

Project Partners

HekDisco is comprised of a variety of industry and academic institutions. Istanbul University, the project's primary healthcare partner, is involved in the project through two departments of Neurology and Infectious Diseases.

Cross-industry collaboration impact on the future market

  • Health Data Processing Market
  • Health Data Analytics Market
  • Healthcare Knowledge Discovery and Ontology Market
  • Project Use Cases

    The project objectives and outputs will be presented on the basis of five use cases through four countries.

    Technical Challenges!

    Knowledge Extraction and Data Processing

    Standard Ontology Model and Services

    Healthcare Knowledge Discovery, Ontology, and Search